Dragon and Phoenix Software Inc.

Product Information


The products of Virtual Textile vary in form from simplistic flat images to the detailed specifications required for textile manufacturing. Each textile may have one or more of the product forms.

Flat Images

The virtual textiles in the flat image product area are essentially high-resolution photographic textile representation. They are suitable for reproduction as a standalone image. Some uses for these images are in normal graphic design for websites, publications, theatrical sets, etc.

Flat Tiling Images

Falt tiling images are high-resolution photographic textile representations that have been adjusted to be seamless and endless. They are suitable for form fills including short-run fabrics, fat quarters, scenery,etc.

Normal Mapping Image Sets

When more textural depth is needed in the virtual textile, the normal mapping image products are a reasonable choice. These image sets have been enhanced by extensive efforts to create visual depth to the image, as well as shadowed images that allow the license holder to give more effective 3-D perspective. Users of this product may be game designers, CGI programmers and others that benefit from a wider set of digital textile views.

Drapeability and Flow Image Sets

If the fluidity and drapeability of a textile is important, a supplemented normal mapping image set is available. This product combines the 3-D features of the normal mapping product and a code level definition of hand, elasticity and drape. The set has both the images and the code snippets that can be incorporated into the user's game code, fashion design, etc., giving a more real experience to the portrayed textile.

Deep Structural Image Sets

This product set supplements the normal mapping images with a granular perspective on the textile. This macro view of the textiles provide designers with the ability to easily incorporate tighter perspectives of the textile in their work.

Manufacturing Specification Sets

Some of the antique and vintage textiles have been released for a manufacturing license by the collection owners. Either an exclusive or non-exclusive licenses can be purchased. The manufacturing specifications include warp and weft sett, color separations, color profiles, pattern weave definition and other components necessary to accurately reproduce the selected textile.