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Digital Conservancy

Digital Conservancy

The main focus of the Virtual Textile Project is to preserve our wealth of textiles for future generations. In that quest, broad strides are being made in the use of digital media to effectuate that goal. The process includes steps covering the collection of the digital information, the adjustments to the data collected and then finally how that is preserved and presented for a wider audience.

Conservation Data Collection

The collection of the digital and holographic data from the current storage location follows the tenets laid out in the Steele Photographic Protocols. These protocols cover the handling of the artifact or media and ensure that no damage to already fragile textiles occurs.

Once the information is collected, the processing of that information into a set of images, data elements and associations with other extant samples is performed by the DPS team. This in turn leads to the storage on the OADB.

The fees for the conservation data collection effort depend on many factors. If you wish to discuss the efforts, timelines and fees, please fill out a comment form on the "Contact Us" page.

Open Access Database

The OADB is hosted by McGill University, with tecnical support and oversight from DPS. This database instance holds the non-commercial use images that have been collected. Each of these images contains watermark and digital rights management marks so that the museum or collector can protect against unauthorized shifts into the commerical venue.

The images in this database have been prepared for researchers, historians and referential artists and are explicitly licensed for non-commercial use. Such licensing is enforced by agreements on the OADB.

Virtual Textile Commercial Licensing

Those museums or collectors that wish to realize an ongoing revenue stream to assist with the physical conservation efforts may chose to place their collections also on the Virtual Textile site. In such a case, a master agreement is signed with DPS and DPS will invest the significant effort to build the commericial use images and image sets necessary for a commerical user. After the images start to appear on the Virtual Textile site, monthly revenue from the museum textile image license sales will be paid to the museum accounts. A detailed list of image sales will of course accompany the funds transfer.

To receive the appropriate forms from DPS, or to inquire further, please send a note to DPS through the "Contact Us" page forms.

Museum Textile Tour Hosting

DPS also hosts digital image sites for a museum's textiles. This site is maintained on DPS servers and is connected automatically to a museum's own website. The massive storage and processing power needed for textile display is optimized by DPS and allows the museum more latitude in its website form and functions.

DPS charges a set fee for the hosting, and a discussion of that fee can be had by contacting DPS through the "Contact Us" page forms.

Avatar Display of Textiles

In some cases, textiles can better be seen in garments of the appropriate timeframe. If a museum wishes to show the textile appearance as it would appear in the fashion of the day, DPS will create a pattern of that time period and install the DPS avatar application (Matilda) on the hosting server at DPS. This will allow visitors to the museum website to "dress" the avatar in the textiles. This interactive method of display is quite powerful and engaging.

This facility is only available for those museums that chose to host their textile digital collection on DPS servers.

Cultural Textile Conservancy

There are many cultural collections of priceless textiles, garments and accessories. Even without a formal museum collection, these legacies of time deserve to be remembered as they were in their newness, without the vagrancies of time and wear. If you have a collection of these please feel free to contact us to discuss how they can be preserved.